TissueGnostics is a globally active Austrian company focusing on integrated solutions for high content and/or high throughput scanning and analysis of microscopy samples.
TG has been founded in 2003 and today has subsidiaries in the EU, the USA and China as well as customers in 30 countries on all continents.
TG scanning systems are based on versatile automated microscopy systems including image analysis capabilities. We provide cutting-edge technology solutions, such as multispectral imaging and context-based image analysis, combined with a strong emphasis on automation, ease of use of all solutions and the production of publication-ready data.

TG’s Contextual Tissue Cytometry software StrataQuest supports quantitation of molecular markers on single cells and allows to bring them in context to tissue morphology.

TissueGnostics GmbH
Taborstraße 10/2/8
A-1020 Vienna