Future Leaders Symposium

The ESDR Future Leaders Symposium facilitates interaction and collaboration between young ambitious researchers and current world leaders in the field of investigative dermatology. Organised by alumni of ESDR’s Academy for Future Leaders in Dermatology, this year’s symposium focuses on the theme of “Innovation in Dermatology research”. Given great global, social and political change, the program will consider how innovation has and will play a part in ensuring the ongoing success of investigative dermatology.

The 2019 Future Leaders Symposium is supported by:


Organising Committee

Katia Boniface (Bordeaux, France)
Matthew Caley (London, UK)

Julien Seneschal (Bordeaux, France)

Sei-ichiro Motegi (Gunma, Japan)
Atsushi Otsuka (Kyoto, Japan)

This session is open to all registered ESDR delegates. 


13.00-13.15 Welcome and Introduction
Katia Boniface, Sei-ichiro Motegi
  Session 1. Chairs : Katia Boniface, Sei-ichiro Motegi
13.15-14.00 Scientific Presentations (12 minutes plus 3 minutes questions)

Proteomic research in dermatology
Beatrice Dyring-Andersern (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Interferonopathies: from diagnostic to treatment
Mathieu Rodero (Paris, France)

Gene therapy for recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa: a translational journey
Su Lwin (London, UK)

14.00-14.15 LEO Foundation Award Ceremony


14.15-14.45 Coffee Break


Session 2 Chairs: Matthew Caley, Atsushi Otsuka
14.45-15.00 Scientific Presentation (12 minutes plus 3 minutes questions)

PD-L1 on mast cells negatively regulates effector CD8+ T-cell activation in the skin
Tomoko Hirano (Kyoto, Japan)

15.00-15.40 Keynote Speakers

•  An immunological way to classify inflammatory skin diseases
Kilian Eyrich (Munich, Germany)

Science and Leadership
Liv Eidsmo (Stockholm, Sweden)

15.40-15.45 Research Techniques Made Simple (RTMS)
Sara Brown (Dundee, UK)

15.45-16.50 Interactive Presentations
16.50-17.00 Closing Remarks


17.15- Depart for Future Leaders Dinner*

*Pre-registration for the Future Leaders Dinner is required. Priority will be given to alumni from the ESDR Future Leaders Academy, Summer Research Workshops, SID Residents Retreat, JSID Kisaragi Juku and young scientists under 40. Pre-registration for the dinner is available here.