PPARs as conductors of the skin orchestra in health in disease

Date: Thursday 19 September 2019
Time: 1
Room: TBA

Chair: Prof. Mauro Picardo (Rome, Italy)
Co-Chairs: Prof. Christos Zouboulis (Dessau, Germany)
Prof. Ralf Paus (Manchester, United Kingdom)


13.00-13.15 PPARy in skin inflammation
Christos Zouboulis (Dessau, Germany)

13.15-13.30 PPARy signaling a key mediator of human hair follicle physiology and
Ralf Paus (Manchester, United Kingdom)

13.30-13.45 PPARy in barrier homeostasis
Matthias Schmuth (Innsbruck, Austria)

13.45-14.00 PPARy regulates skin-tropic Th2 cells
Christoph Schlapbach (Bern, Switzerland)

14.00-14.15 PPARy modulation in clinical research
Mauro Picardo (Rome, Italy)

14.15-14.30 Translational value of research on PPARy
Michel Gilliet (Lausanne, Switzerland)