Andre Esteva

Andre Esteva

Stanford, USA

Lecture Title: Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology: Enhancing the Expert

Dr. Andre Esteva is an entrepreneur and researcher in the field of AI. He obtained his PhD from Stanford University in the Artificial Intelligence Lab of Computer Science, advised by Sebastian Thrun and co-advised by Stephen Boyd. His research focus at the time was in deep learning and computer vision, with a preferred application domain of healthcare. He has built applications in dermatology, drug screening, neuroscience, and psychiatry. Notably, his team showed that computer vision algorithms could match the performance of dermatologists at classifying skin cancer from images. His work has made the cover of Nature, as well as Cell, Nature Medicine, NeurIPS, and other such venues. It has been widely covered by the BBC, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, the Economist, and other news outlets. He has worked and spent time at Google Research, Sandia National Labs, and GE Healthcare.

He finished undergraduate degrees in Pure Mathematics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, where he graduated as valedictorian-equivalent.

Selected Publications

A Guide to Deep Learning in Healthcare, PDF

Dermatologist-level Classification of Skin Cancer with Deep Neural Networks, PDF

Skin Cancer Detection and Tracking using Data Synthesis and Deep Learning, PDF

In Silico Labeling: Predicting Fluorescent Labels in Unlabeled Images, PDF

Clinical Saturday: Next-Generation Healthcare

Clinical Saturday 2019 is run in association with the European Academy for Dermatology and Venereology (EADV). This year’s focus is on next-generation healthcare.