Concurrent Session 7: Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers

Amphitheatre C

Date: Saturday 21 September 2019, 09.00-10.30
Room: Amphitheatre C

Chairs: Thomas Tüting, Amaya Viros


09.00-09.10 066 (Poster 436)
Macrophages promote growth of squamous cancer independent of T cells
X Wang Pathology, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, CO, USA
09.10-09.20 067 (Poster 463)
Hypoxia-inducible factor-1α play a critical role in UVB-induced tumorigenesis by affecting DNA repair capacity and oxidative stress
W Mahfouf, E Muzotte, L Dousset, F Moisan, A Taieb and HR Rezvani Univ Bordeaux, Inserm, BMGIC, UMR 1035, Bordeaux, France
09.20-09.30 068 (Poster 520)
Epidermal clonal expansion upon UV irradiation: consequences of the epidermal duality of proliferative behaviour on the skin carcinogenesis
E Roy, H Wong and K Khosrotehrani Diamantina Institute, University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
09.30-09.40 069 (Poster 450)
Sun exposed individual normal keratinocytes tolerate multiple cancer-causing mutations in vivo
A South,1 M Savarese,1 I Fuentes,1 M Prisco,1 N den Breens,1 G Kumar,1 A Luginbuhl,1 R Cho2 and J Curry1 1Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA and 2University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
09.40-09.50 070 (Poster 437)
Neurotrophin receptors exert opposing effects in the development and invasiveness of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
E Palazzo,1 M Quadri,1 N Tiso,2 G Gutierrez-Cruz,3 R Lotti,1 A Marconi,1 M Morasso4 and C Pincelli1 1University of Modena, Modena, Italy, 2University of Padua, Padua, Italy, 3Office of Science and Technology, NIAMS/NIH, Bethesda, MD and 4Laboratory of Skin Biology, NIAMS/NIH, Bethesda, MD
09.50-10.00 071 (Poster 475)
Targeting the JAK/STAT3 pathway with ruxolitinib for RDEB-cSCC therapy
J Jackow, R Hayashi, D Owens, R Perez-Lorenzo, C Hansen, D DeLorenzo, Z Guo and A Christiano Dermatology, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA
10.00-10.10 072 (Poster 447)
Complement component C1r upregulates the expression of matrix metalloproteinase-1, -13 and -10 and promotes invasion of cutaneous squamous carcinoma cells
K Viiklepp,1 L Nissinen,1 M Ojalill,2 P Riihilä,1 S Meri,3 J Heino2 and V Kähäri1 1Department of Dermatology, University of Turku and Turku University Hospital, Turku, Finland, 2Department of Biochemistry, University of Turku, Turku, Finland and 3Haartman Institute, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
10.10-10.20 073 (Poster 442)
CLEC12B a new gene implicated in melanoma
H Montaudié,1 L Sormani Le Bourhis,1 B Dadone-Montaudié,2 G Beranger,1 Y Cheli,1 V Petit,3 S Rocchi,1 F Gesbert,3 L Larue3 and T Passeron1 1NSERM, U1065, C3M, Nice, France, 2Department of Pathology, Nice University Hospital, Nice, France and 3INSERM U1021, Institut Curie, PSL Research University, Orsay, France
10.20-10.30 074 (Poster 503)
p53-regulated long non-coding RNA PRECSIT promotes progression of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma via STAT3 signaling
M Piipponen,1 L Nissinen,1 P Riihilä,1 M Farshchian,1 M Kallajoki,2 J Peltonen,3 S Peltonen1 and V Kähäri1 1Department of Dermatology, University of Turku, Turku, Finland, 2Department of Pathology, University of Turku and Turku University Hospital, Turku, Finland and 3Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, University of Turku, Turku, Finland
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