Concurrent Sessions 5: Innate Immunity and Inflammation

Amphitheatre A

Date: Saturday 21 September 2019, 09.00-10.30
Room: Amphitheatre A

Chairs: Hervé Bachelez, Michel Gilliet


09.00-09.10 048 (Poster 400)
Staphylococccus epidermidis can exacerbate atopic dermatitis through the secretion of the cysteine protease EcpA
L Cau,1,2 M Williams,1 T Nakatsuji,1 C Mainzer,3 B Closs,2 A Horswill4 and R Gallo1 1Dermatology, UCSD, La Jolla, CA, San Diego, CA, 2SILAB Softcare R&D, Brive, France, 3SILAB Inc, East Brunswick, NJ and 4Immunology & Microbiology, UC Denver, Denver, CO
09.10-09.20 049 (Poster 433)
An innervated, vascularized and immunocompetent human skin model to evaluate the properties of chemical substances
Q Muller,1,2 M Beaudet,2 S Bellenfant,2 R Pépin,2 A Brulefert,1 CG Mueller,1 F Berthod2 and V Flacher1 1Laboratoire d’Immunologie, Immunopathologie et Chimie Thérapeutique, CNRS I2CT / UPR3572, Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire, Strasbourg, France and 2Centre LOEX de l’Université Laval, Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec-UL, and Département de Chirurgie, Faculté de Médecine, Université Laval, Quebec, QC, Canada
09.20-09.30 050 (Poster 426)
Type I interferon-driven pathogenic angiogenesis initiated by antimicrobial killing of B.oleronius during flare ups of rosacea
A Mylonas,1 H Hawerkamp,2 Y Wang,3 S Meller,2 B Homey,2 L Mazzolai,1 J Di Domizio,1 M Gilliet,1 A Hovnanian3 and C Conrad1 1University Hospital of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2University Hospital of Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf, Germany and 3INSERM Institute Imagine, Paris, France
09.30-09.40 051 (Poster 389)
Spectrum of actions of PPARγ modulation in acne sebum
E Camera,2 M Ottaviani,2 E Flori,2 A Mastrofrancesco,2 S Briganti,2 F Marini,1 V Lora2 and M Picardo2 1Department of Chemistry, ‘La Sapienza’ University, Rome, Italy and 2Laboratory of Cutaneous Physiopathology, San Gallicano Dermatological Institute IRCCS, Rome, Italy
09.40-09.50 052 (Poster 348)
Homeostatic functions of dermokine in skin barrier and innate immunity
A Utsunomiya,1 T Chino,1 N Utsunomiya,1 VH Luong,1 M Sugai,2 K Higashi,3 K Sugawara,4 D Tsuruta,4 N Oyama1 and M Hasegawa1 1Dermatology, Fukui University, Eiheiji, Japan, 2Molecular Genetics, Fukui University, Fukui, Japan, 3Sumitomo Chemical, Osaka, Japan and 4Dermatology, Osaka City University, Fukui, Japan
09.50-10.00 053 (Poster 372)
Inhibition of phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase δ improves tissue destruction in pemphigoid diseases by impairing neutrophil function
S Ghorbanalipoor,1 S Emtenani,1 K Izumi,2 O Ibrahim,1 J Hobusch,1 K Bieber,1 M Parker,3 P Smith,3 E Schmidt1,4 and R Ludwig1 1Lübeck Institute of Experimental Dermatology, Lübeck, Germany, 2Department of Dermatology, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine, Sapporo, Japan, 3Incyte Corporation, Wilmington, DE and 4Department of Dermatology, University of Lübeck, Lübeck, Germany
10.00-10.10 054 (Poster 339)
Prevention of airway and intestinal inflammation in a humanized mouse model of allergy by depletion of natural killer cells prior to PBMC engraftment
R Ose,1 B Weigmann,2 J Maxeiner,3 P Schuster,3 J Saloga1 and I Bellinghausen1 1Department of Dermatology, University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Germany, 2Department of Internal Medicine I, University Hospital Erlangen, University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen, Germany and 3Asthma Core Facility, Research Center for Immunotherapy (FZI), University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Germany
10.10-10.20 055 (Poster 331)
Lymphatic flow blockade amplifies inflammation in imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like skin lesions
H Boki,1,2 T Kimura,1,2 T Miyagaki,1,2 H Suga,1 M Sugaya,3 A Blauvelt,4 H Okochi2 and S Sato1 1Dermatology, the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine, Bunkyo-ku, Japan, 2Regenerative Medicine, Research Institute, National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Tokyo, Japan, 3Dermatology, International University of Health and Welfare, Tokyo, Japan and 4Oregon Medical Research Center, Portland, OR
10.20-10.30  056 (Poster 435)
Human group 2 innate lymphoid cells differentiate into interleukin-17A producing cells in psoriasis
MB Teunissen,1 JH Bernink,2 Y Ohne,3 L Krabbendam,2 MA de Rie,1 H Spits,2 XR Ros2 and AA Humbles3 1Dermatology, Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2Experimental Immunology, Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, Amsterdam, Netherlands and 3Respiratory, Inflammation and Autoimmune (RIA), BioPharmaceuticals R&D, AstraZeneca, Gaithersburg, MD
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