Room E1 + E2

Date: Wednesday 18 September 2019, 13.00-18.15
Room: E1 + E2

Markus Böhm (Münster, Germany) & Ralf Paus (Miami, FL, USA & Manchester, UK)

Discussion: Ralf Paus

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13.00-13.05 Welcome & Introduction
Markus Böhm & Ralf Paus 
13.05-13.35 Lecture 1
Hormonal control of skin pigmentation – what we have learned and what needs to be addressed
(20 min + 10 min discussion)
Mauro Picardo (Rome, Italy)
13.35-14.05 Lecture 2
Mineralocorticoid receptors in the skin: emerging targets for treating skin diseases?
(20 min + 10 min discussion)
Paloma Perez (Valencia, Spain) 
14.05-14.17 Oral presentation from selected ESDR poster abstracts

Poster 242
Synthetic adiponectin-derived peptide enhances skin barrier function

(8 min + 2 min discussion)
Seung-Phil Hong (Wonju-si, Korea)

14.17-14.29 Oral presentation from selected ESDR poster abstracts

Poster 407
Novel transcriptomic network interactions in the human skin treated with topical glucocorticoids

(8 min + 2 min discussion)
Irina Budunova (Chicago, USA) 
14.29-14.59 Lecture 3
Repurposing of neuropharmacological drugs for dermatological indications: Concepts, challenges and vision
(20 min + 10 min discussion)
Christoph Abels (Bielefeld, Germany) 
15.00-15.30 Coffee Break


15.30-16.00 Lecture 4
Melancortin peptides in dermatology: from bench to bedside
(20 min + 10 min discussion)
Markus Böhm (Münster, Germany) 
16.00-16.30 Lecture 5
Frontiers in cutaneous vitamin D research
(20 min + 10 min discussion)
Carsten Carlberg (Kuopio, Finland) 
16.30-16.42 Oral presentation from selected ESDR poster abstracts

Poster 599
PPARgamma signaling modulation protects from hair follicle bulge stem cell damage and cyclophosphamide-induced hair follicle cytotoxicity

(8 min + 2 min discussion)
Marta Bertolini (Münster, Germany) 
16.42-16.54 Oral presentation from selected ESDR poster abstracts

Poster 267
On the role of vitamin D receptor alternative splicing in human keratinocytes
(8 min + 2 min discussion)
Michal Zmijewski (Gdansk, Poland)

16.54-17.10 Coffee Break


17.10-17.40 Lecture 6
Hormonal control of skin and skin appendage development: An evolutionary-developmental perspective
(20 min + 10 min discussion)
Maksim Plikus (Irvine, USA) 
17.40-18.10 Closing Lecture
Clinical neuroendocrinology of the skin – my vision for the next decade
(20 min + 10 min discussion)
Thomas A. Luger (Münster, Germany) 
18.10-18.15 Closing Remarks
Ralf Paus  & Markus Böhm