Neurobiology of the Skin

Amphitheatre C

Date: Thursday 19 September 2019, 08.30-10.30
Room: Amphitheatre C

Chairs: Anna Zalewska (Lodz, Poland), Marcus Maurer (Berlin, Germany)

08.30-08.35 Welcome and introduction
Anna Zalewska (Lodz, Poland)

08.35-08.50 Synapses between neurons and keratinocytes
Matthieu Talagas (Brest, France)

08.50-09.05 CLA+ T cells in the nervous-immune interaction in human skin
Luis F Santamaria-Babi (Barcelona, Spain)

09.05-09.20 Aberrations of the nerve – sweat gland interactions in cholinergic urticaria
Sabine Altrichter (Berlin, Germany)

09.20-09.35 Neurokinin 1 receptor antagonism reveals peripheral effects in prurigo nodularis
Konstantin Agelopoulos (Muenster, Germany)

09.35-09.50 Atopic dermatitis and stress
Klas Nordlind (Stockholm, Sweden)

09.50-10.05 Neuroinflammation: a promising target for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases
Thomas Luger (Muenster, Germany)

10.05-10.20 Olfactory receptors of human hair follicles: What are they doing, and what are they “smelling”?
Ralf Paus (Miami, USA and Manchester, UK)

10.20-10.30 Summary and Conclusions
Marcus Maurer (Berlin, Germany)