Rudi Cormane Lecture: Nick Reynolds

Amphitheatre A

2019 Rudi Cormane Lecture: A systems biology and computational modelling approach to inflammatory skin disease

The Rudi Cormane Lecture is a special lecture within the ESDR annual meeting and is awarded to an internationally renowned scientist who has also made a significant contribution to the ESDR.

This lectureship is named after the late Prof Rudi Cormane, a distinguished innovator and educator and one of the founders of the ESDR in 1970. Rudi Cormane was Treasurer of the ESDR from 1971-1974 and President in 1975.

Past Lecturers
Tilo Biedermann, Masayuki Amagai, Carien Niessen, Alexander Enk, Vincent Piguet, John McGrath, Martin Röcken, Martine Bagot, Thomas Schwarz, Lars French, Leena Bruckner-Tuderman, Michael Detmar, Jonathan Rees, John Voorhees, Jens Schröder, Irene Leigh, Conrad Hauser, Thomas Luger, Enno Christophers, Jean-Paul Ortonne, Gerhold Schuler, Thomas Krieg