Wolfgang P. Weninger

Wolfgang P. Weninger

Vienna, Austria

Lecture Title: A novel non-monocytic macrophage precursor
Thursday 19 September 2019, 12.30-12.55
Amphitheatre A


Professor Wolfgang Weninger is a preeminent dermatologist and clinician scientist who aims to uncover the workings of skin diseases, including atopic eczema, psoriasis and melanoma. He is internationally recognised for discovering several novel immune cell subsets and determining their roles in skin allergies, infections and cancers. In particular, his pioneering development of cutting-edge imaging technologies has allowed unraveling the functions of immune cells during skin disease at a level of resolution previously unattained. His contributions to the understanding of skin pathologies pave the way for novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies against conditions with huge socio-economic impact on modern society. Professor Weninger’s current position is Chair, Department of Dermatology, Medical University of Vienna.

Selected Publications

1. Roediger B, Lee Q, Tikoo S, Cobbin JCA, Henderson JM, Jormakka M, O’Rourke MB, Padula MP, Pinello N, Henry M, Wynne M, Santagostino SF, Brayton CF, Rasmussen L, Lisowski L, Tay SS, Harris DC, Bertram JF, Dowling JP, Bertolino P, Lai JH, Wu W, Bachovin WW, Wong JJL, Gorrell MD, Shaban B, Holmes EC, Jolly JJ, Monette S, Weninger W. An atypical parvovirus driving chronic tubulointerstitial nephropathy and kidney fibrosis. Cell, 175:530-43, 2018

2. Kinjyo I, Qin J, Wellard CJ, Ritchie W, Mrass P, Tomura M, Kanagawa O, Miyawaki A, Hodgkin PD, Weninger W. Real-time tracking of cell cycle progression during CD8+ effector and memory T cell differentiation. Nat Communications, 6:6301 doi: 10.1038/ncomms7301, 2015

3. Prakash MD, Munoz M, Jain R, Tong PL, Koskinen A, Regner M, Kleifeld O, Ho B, Olson M, Turner SJ, Mrass P, Weninger W*, Phillip I. Bird*. Granzyme B promotes cytotoxic lymphocyte transmigration via basement membrane remodeling. Immunity, 41:960-72, 2014

4. Weninger W, Biro M, Jain R. Leukocyte migration in the interstitial space of non-lymphoid organs. Nat Rev Immunol, 14:232-46, 2014

5. Abtin A, Jain R, Mitchell AJ, Roediger B, Brzoska AJ, Tikoo S, Cheng Q, Ng LG, Cavanagh LL, von Andrian UH, Hickey MJ, Firth N, Weninger W. Perivascular macrophages mediate neutrophil recruitment during bacterial skin infection. Nat Immunol, 15:45-53, 2014

6. Roediger B, Kyle R, Yip KH, Sumaria N, Guy TV, Kim BS, Mitchell AJ, Tay SS, Jain R, Forbes-Blom E, Chen X, Tong PL, Bolton HA, Artis D, Paul WE, Fazekas de St Groth B, Grimbaldeston MA, Le Gros G, Weninger W. Cutaneous immunosurveillance and regulation of inflammation by group 2 innate lymphoid cells. Nat Immunol, 14:564-73, 2013

Frontiers in Skin Biology & Dermatology 1 & Plenary Session 1

Amphitheatre A

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