Provisional program: Intravenous immunoglobulins in dermatological autoimmune diseases

Date: Friday 24 September 2021
Time: 08.15 – 09.15  AM CET

Chair: Alexander Enk (Heidelberg, Germany)


08.15 – 08.17

Welcome and introduction

Prof. Alexander Enk (Heidelberg, Germany)


08.17 – 08.34

The immunomodulatory role of IVIg in skin autoimmune diseases

Prof. Alexander Enk (Heidelberg, Germany)


08.34 – 08.51

Putative modes of action of IVIg in inflammatory skin diseases

Prof. Christian Sadik (Lübeck, Germany)

08.51 – 09.08

Clinical experience using IVIg in patients with autoimmune skin diseases

Prof. Margitta Worm (Berlin, Germany)

09.08 – 09.15

Final discussion and Q&A with the Experts