Clinical Saturday

Date: Saturday 01 October 2022
Time: 11.00-12.30

Chairs: Anna Balato (Itlay) and Julien Seneschal (France)

Paola Di Meglio

Guillaume Canaud

Martine Bagot

Rosalind Hannen


11.00 – 11.05

Welcome and introductions

Anna Balato (Itlay) and Julien Seneschal (France)


11.05 – 11.25

Immune biomarkers for stratified medicine in psoriasis

Paola Di Meglio (UK)


11.25 – 11.45

Targeted therapy in patients with PIK3CA related overgrowth spectrum

Guillaume Canaud (France)


11.45 – 12.05

Identifying new therapeutic targets for cutaneous T-cell lymphomas

Martine Bagot (France)


12.05 – 12.25

From Bench to Boardroom: How resolving limitations in skin modelling created an innovation opportunity to accelerate dermatology R&D

Rosalind Hannen (UK)


12.25 – 12.30Conclusion