Since 1996, Bioalternatives has offered in vitro solutions for the research and development of formulations and active ingredients. Our company’s expertise is mainly focused on cell culture and particularly on human primary cells, reconstructed tissues and ex vivo models.

Bioalternatives offers standard and customized assays integrated in the discovery process (screening, profiling, safety) as well as assays for claim substantiation (proof of concept, repositioning, benchmarking).

Our main fields of study are healthy skin (e.g. hydration, ageing, pigmentation, protection, sun protection etc.), pathological skin physiology (e.g. cutaneous inflammation, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, wound healing, fibrosis) and more generally pharmacology (signaling, stress, ageing).

In addition to standard assays, we also develop many customized assays according to our customers’ requirements thanks to well-established and reliable technologies.