FibroTx brings personalized treatment closer to the customer in areas of clinical dermatology and skin care.

FibroTx easy to use skin diagnostic tests allow unparalleled possibilities for non-invasive skin biomarker research and product development in clinical dermatology and skin care. FibroTx proprietary diagnostic platforms: FibroTx TAP, Fibrotx Patch and FibroTx SELF enable measurements of panels of soluble biomarkers directly from the skin surface. Biomarkers include various cytokines, growth factors, as well as anti-microbial peptides.

FibroTx fee-for-service TAP and PATCH technologies are being used by major dermatology companies for measurements of pharmacodynamic effects in clinical trials and skincare studies.

FibroTx SELF is a highly innovative platform for the development of molecular skin diagnostic tests guiding personalized skin treatment and care.