13.00-16.30IEC Symposium
13.00-16.00IPC Symposium
15.00-18.00Future Leaders Symposium
18.00-…Future Leaders Alumni  Networking Event
08.30-10.30Drug Discovery & Translational Medicine
09.00-10.30Eastern Europe Symposium
10.30-11.00Coffee Break
11.00-11.15Opening Ceremony
11.15-11.45ESDR Keynote Lecture: : Maksim Plikus
12.00-13.00Plenary Session 1
13.15-14.30Boehringer Ingelheim Symposium
13.15-14.30Incyte Symposium
13.15-14.30Janssen Symposium
14.30-15.00Angles 1: Giuseppe Argenziano and Susana Puig
15.00-16.30Concurrent Sessions
16.30-17.30Posters and Coffee
17.30-18.00René Touraine Lecture: Catherine Smith

Collegiality and Honorary Membership Awards

18.30-19.00Special Guest Lecture: Dora Vargha
19.00-21.00Welcome Networking Reception
08.00-09.00Almirall  Symposium
08.00-09.00Galderma Symposium
08.00-09.00UCB Symposium
09.00-09.30Energizer Talk 1: Richard Weller
09.30-11.00Plenary Session 2
11.00-12.00Posters and Coffee
12.00-12.30ESDR Keynote Lecture: Emma Guttman-Yassky
12.30-13.00ESPD Guest Lecture: Angela Hernandez
13.15-14.30Bristol Myers Squibb Symposium
13.15-14.30Pfizer Symposium
13.15-14.30Sanofi Symposium
14.30-15.30Poster Walks
15.30-16.00Angles 2: Joel Gelfand and Tamar Nijsten
16.00-16.30Rudi Cormane Lecture: Chris Griffiths
16.30-18.00Concurrent Sessions
18.00-18.30ESDR Keynote Lecture: Jean-Laurent Casanova
18.30-19.15ESDR Annual General Meeting of Members
20:00ESDR Networking Event
09.00-10.00Sponsored Symposia
10.00-10.30Energizer Talk 2: Matthew Cobb
10.30-11.00EADV Guest Lecture: Annamari Ranki
11.00-12.30Clinical Saturday
12.30-13.30Poster Walks
13.30-15.00Concurrent Sessions
15.00-15.30Poster Prizes and Closing Ceremony