Steve Katz Lecture

Muzlifah Haniffa

Title: TBA
Date: Friday 6 September 2024
Time: 12.30-13:00 CET


Professor Muzz Haniffa is the Principal Investigator of the group. Muzz is a Wellcome Senior Research Fellow, Professor of Dermatology and Immunology at Newcastle University and an Associate Faculty member at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. As well as these roles, Muzz is also the Biological Network Co-Coordinator for the Human Cell Atlas and the Deputy lead PI for the Immunology and Inflammation theme at Newcastle University.

Muzz completed her medical degree in Cardiff then did further medical training in Cambridge and Newcastle. After completing a PhD at Newcastle University, Muzz then undertook post-doctoral work in Singapore. In her own words, Muzz is a Dermatologist by trade, was born into immunology, married into developmental biology and became best friends with single cell ‘omics! Muzz is a firm believer in diversity and collaboration in research, and is an advocate of public engagement.

Muzz is a proud Mum and is always experimenting in the kitchen for family dinners. Her children have recently revealed she has 100 different ways of cooking cabbage! Watching films and reading are her main hobbies but she is now fast becoming a competent runner.



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