All participants must Create an Account and register via the Online Registration Form. Please read the instructions below carefully. Please also consider using a personal email account if your work email is connected to a medical institute with high security and privacy settings as email may be transferred to junk folders.

Each participant will receive a Registration number by email after submitting the Online Registration Form. The preferred method of payment is by online card payment. As for payments completed by bank transfer, please proceed with the payment transfer only after receiving your registration number. Payment by bank transfer must include the registration number and participant’s name in the payment details.


Early Rates (until 19 August) Regular rates (from 20 August)
ESDR Member (including Joint Member)
ISID Member (full SID, ASDR, JSID, KSID, TSID member)*
Eastern Europe and LMI countries Member**
Eastern Europe and LMI countries Non-Member**
Students/Residents Categories Early Rates (until 19 August) Regular rates (from 20 August)
Student/Resident ESDR Member
Student/Resident Non-Member***
Student/Resident Eastern Europe and LMI countries Member***
Student/Resident Eastern Europe and LMI countries Non-Member***

IMPORTANT: Social Networking event: 25 EUR plus VAT. More information herePlaces are limited and on-site purchase will not be possible

IMPORTANT: The rates above are quoted without Value Added Tax (VAT). Rates are the same for physical delegates attending the meeting in Amsterdam and virtual-only attendees. 

Face-to-Face vs Virtual Comparison – here.

In-person fee: local 21% VAT applies


Virtual fee:

– Delegates/recipients of the service from the EU with a valid VAT number are subject to reverse charge system and the fee is with 0% VAT (to be paid by the recipient in his/her country). 
– VAT is shifted to recipient, article 44 and 196 EU VAT Directive.
– Valid VAT Number will be requested and validated during the online registration process.
– Delegates/recipients of the service from a country outside of the EU, the fee is with 0% VAT. 
– Delegates/recipients of the service from the EU who is not a VAT payer, the fee is including VAT.

For more information please click here.

VAT rules and rates: standard, special & reduced rates

* Members of ISID affiliated societies: Full ASDR, KSID, JSID, SID, TSID members,  who are not ESDR Members, qualify for a special registration rate for the 2022 ESDR Annual Meeting .  Registrations in this category will be pending verification by the ESDR  Office of a valid/current membership status with the home society.


** EE countries: Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine
**Official LMI countries list can be found here


*** Applicant must include a copy of student ID or letter from head of department confirming student/resident status during registration



Until 1 August

From 2 August
ESDR MembersEUR 400EUR 550
SID/KSID/JSID Joint Members*EUR 400EUR 550
ISID Members**EUR 400EUR 550
Student/Resident ESDR MembersEUR 230EUR 300
Eastern Europe ESDR Members***EUR 230EUR 300
Non-MembersEUR 650EUR 750
Student/Resident Non-Members****EUR 300EUR 400
Eastern Europe Non-Members***EUR 300EUR 400

Join The ESDR

Non-members can join the ESDR by 7 August 2022 and benefit from “ESDR Members” registration rates.

To benefit from this offer, you must pay one year of ESDR membership dues before registering for the meeting as a member.

Please contact the ESDR office for more information (

Please register for your preferred way of attendance in the online system. In case of change of your registration (from one to another type of attendance) an extra fee of EUR 30 will be charged as of 2 August (after Early registration deadline).

Please make sure to pay your registration fee before the deadline for the selected registration type. If your payment is not received before the deadline, the latter fee will be automatically charged. Unpaid or only partially paid registration will not be considered as valid until it is fully paid.




•    Admission to all sessions

•    All official documentation including program book




Each participant will receive the registration overview and email notification confirming the received payment and stating the amount outstanding (if any) after completion of the Online Registration Form.



All fees should be paid in EUR (€), free of all bank charges.

Registration fees are collected on behalf of ESDR by the Secretariat, CZECH-IN s.r.o., 5. května 65, CZ-14021 Prague 4, Czech Republic.



Please do not send any payments by bank transfer without the Registration number and participant’s name included in payment details.

The payment by bank transfer is available until 19 August. After this date, all payments can be done only by credit/debit card.


Beneficiary: CZECH-IN s.r.o.

Beneficiary address: 5.května 65, CZE 140 21 Prague 4, Czech Republic

Bank address: KB a.s., Na Příkopě 33, Prague 1, Czech Republic

Account number: 51-0903490207/0100

IBAN: CZ5901000000510903490207


PAYMENT REFERENCE: Name, Surname and Registration number


Accepted Credit/Debit Cards


In the unlikely event of a rejected on-line credit/debit card payment, the delegate is recommended to return to his/her registration online and try to process the payment again. Should the payment issue persist, the participant is advised to contact the card issuer/bank first to check for any potential block on the online transaction. If so, once this is removed it will be possible to pay via the online payment gateway.”


Online Payments Service Providers

SIX Payments for American Express

Payments are processed via Six Payments secure connection. Six Payments conforms to international standards and it meets the strictest safety requirements. 3-D Secure, or 3DS for short, is supported by American Express (SafeKey). Click here to learn more about online payments security.



The final invoice will be provided to the participants only upon request, the Secretariat will not send this document automatically. Please contact us to ask for your receipt.

The final invoice will be issued based on details provided while registering (step Contact/Invoice details). Any change of such details (address, VAT number etc.) is possible only within 3 days from the registering date and is subject to the 20 EUR fee.




All registered delegates will be given virtual access to ESDR2022 meeting content. As the meeting content will be available for 3 months following the event, refunds will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

•    Before 9 July 2022 – Free

•    From 9 July 2022 until 1 August 2022 – 20 EUR – administrative fees will be deducted from all refunds.
•    After 1 August 2022 – no refund can be processed.



•    All cancellations must be notified in writing (by email or by fax) to C-IN and cannot be done online or over the phone.

•    Requests for refunds made after 30 October 2022 will not be considered.

•    For any change of name a fee of 30 EUR will be charged.

•    All registrations received by 19 August 2022 will be included in the list of participants.



When registering more than one person under one company identity/invoice, please contact secretariat to determine the preferred invoicing setting.





I agree to the collection, preservation and processing of personal data contained in this form, by the administrator, C-IN, Prague Congress Centre, 5. května 65, Prague 4, 140 21 (or its employees) for the purpose stated below.

This consent is granted for all of the information contained in this form, and throughout the five years from the date of consent. At the same time I am aware of their rights under § 12 and 21 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data.

I am familiar with all completed parts of this form, and I declare that all information are accurate and truthful and are provided voluntarily.


The European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) entered into force as of 25 May 2018 and it involves some additions to data protection.

We take your privacy very seriously and in order to comply with GDPR consent requirements, we need you to confirm that you agree with our new Privacy Policy during the process of creating the account in our system. You can view it here.

After creating your user account in our system, you can manage your information, protect your privacy and security via our Online Portal that is now fully GDPR compliant. Feel free to contact us with any questions in regards to the Privacy Policy, Data Protection and GDPR in general by an email or by phone +420261174301.



Data administrator declares that they will collect personal data to the extent necessary to accomplish the intended purpose and may be processed only in accordance with the purpose for which they were collected. Employees of the administrator or other individuals who process personal data under contract with the administrator and other persons are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of personal data, even after termination of employment or work.





The participant acknowledges that he/she has no right to lodge damage claims against the organisers should the holding of the event be hindered or prevented by unexpected political or economic events or generally by force majeure, or should the non-appearance of speakers or other reasons necessitate programme changes. With registration, the participant accepts this proviso.




In the event of a force majeure situation, CZECH-IN S.R.O. reserves the right to alter or cancel the conference without prior notice, including any change of the time and/or venue of the conference. Any occurrence of force majeure event shall be communicated as soon as reasonably possible from the decision time. Force majeure includes any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of CZECH-IN S.R.O. which prevents or impedes the realisation of the conference. This includes but is not limited to, government action, war or hostilities, riot or civil commotion, plague or other epidemic such as SARS, bird flu, earthquake, flood, hurricane, cyclone, fire or other natural physical disaster, explosion, accident or breakdown, strike, lack of the usual means of transportation or terrorism. CZECH-IN S.R.O. shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, losses, expenditures or any other inconveniences or costs caused by such modification or cancellation of the conference. Unless provided otherwise by the applicable mandatory laws, the registration fees will be reimbursed in accordance with the ESDR 2022 cancellation policy.

Contact Information

For any questions you may have in relating to registration please don’t hesitate to contact the ESDR Meeting Secretariat.