Sanofi Regeneron Symposium

Date: Friday 30 September 2022
Time: 13:15–14:30 CET

Duration: 75 min

Title: Inside Atopic Dermatitis: Type 2 Inflammation Underlies Skin Barrier and Neuroimmune Dysfunction


–   Educate on the latest understanding of the interrelated mechanisms that drive AD:

      1) Type 2 inflammation, both systemic and local

      2) Dysfunction of the skin barrier, including dysbiosis

      3) Neuroimmune dysregulation


 –   Share evidence demonstrating that type 2 inflammation is a key driver of dysfunction of both the skin barrier, including dysbiosis, and neuroimmune dysregulation – and driver of normalization of the same mechanisms

–   Discuss the latest findings from clinical studies on how targeting type 2 inflammation can restore and normalize skin barrier function, including dysbiosis, and ex vivo studies demonstrating the role of type 2 inflammation in neuroimmune dysregulation



  • Chair: Laurent Misery (France)
  • Speakers: Lisa A. Beck (USA) and Simon Danby (UK)





Welcome and Introduction

Laurent Misery (France)



Skin Barrier Dysregulation has Multifaceted Interactions with Type 2 Inflammation

Lisa A. Beck (USA)



The Neuroimmune Axis and Neuroinflammatory Mechanism of Pruritus

Laurent Misery (France)



Clinical Evidence of Barrier Normalization by Targeting Type 2 Inflammation 

Simon Danby (UK)



Panel Discussion

All faculty



Summary and Closing Remarks

Laurent Misery (France)