Plenary 1

Date: Thursday 23 September 2021
Time: 10.50-11.40 CET


Plenary talks are 9 minutes plus 3 minutes discussion


Chris Griffiths (Manchester), Marta Szell (Szeged)




ORAL 001 (POSTER 099)

Ichthyosis associated with sphingosine 1-phosphate lyase deficiency is due to aberrant calcium and sphingolipid regulation.

Chris J. Smith1, Jack L. Williams1, Matthew P. Caley2, Edel A. O’Toole2, Rathi Prasad1, Louise A. Metherell1

1Department for Endocrinology, Queen Mary University London, London, United Kingdom, 2Centre for Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research, Queen Mary University London, London, United Kingdom


ORAL 002 (POSTER 157)

Comparing adenine base editing and CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing strategies to correct recurrent mutations in RDEB primary fibroblasts

Adam Sheriff1, Stavroula Tekkela1, Imogen Brooks1, Gaetano Naso2, Anastasia Petrova2, Lu Liu1, Jemima E. Mellerio1, Lukasz Laczmanski3, John A. McGrath1, Joanna Jackow1

1St John’s Institute of Dermatology , King’s College London, London, United Kingdom, 2Molecular and Cellular Immunology Section, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, London, United Kingdom, 3Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy, Polish Academy of Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland


ORAL 003 (POSTER 001)

Maintenance of CD4+ tissue-resident memory T cells via perivascular clusters with CD301b+ dermal dendritic cells in a mouse model of allergic dermatitis

Ryota Asahina, Gyohei Egawa, Satoshi Nakamizo, Kenji Kabashima

Dermatology, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan


ORAL 004 (POSTER 098)

A burst of progenitor proliferation drives epidermal stratification

Lisa Wirtz, Hisham Bazzi

Dermatology, University Hospital Cologne, Cologne, Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany