13.00-16.00Future Leaders Symposium
13.00-16.00International Eczema Council
16.00-18.00International Psoriasis Council
09.00-09.15Opening Ceremony
09.15-09.3550 Years ESDR Anniversary Lecture 1: John McGrath
09.35-10.00Rudi Cormane Lecture: Matthias Schmuth 
10.00-10.25ESDR 2021 Keynote Lecture: Fiona Watt
10.30-10.5050 Years ESDR Anniversary Lecture 2: Carien Niessen
10.50-11.40Plenary Session 1
11.40-12.05Rene Touraine Lecture: Thomas Bosch
12.10-13.10Concurrent Session 1: Epidermal Structure and Function
12.10-13.10Concurrent Session 2: Adaptive Immunity and Autoimmunity
12.10-13.10Concurrent Session 3: Wound Healing and Tissue Remodelling
13.15-14.30Galderma Symposium
13.15-14.30Incyte Symposium

Janssen Symposium

14.45-15.45Poster Walks & Breakout for Concurrent Session discussions
16.00-16.30ESDR 2021 Keynote Lecture: Anthony Oro
16.30-18.00Drug Discovery & Translational Medicine
18.30-19.30Sanofi Symposium




Biotest Symposium


Boehringer-Ingelheim Symposium

09.20-09.4050 Years ESDR Anniversary Lecture 3: Peter van de Kerkhof
09.40-10.00EADV Guest Lecture: Tamar Nijsten
10.00-10.25ESDR 2021 Keynote Lecture: Caroline Robert
10.30-10.5050 Years ESDR Anniversary Lecture 4: Martin Röcken
10.50-11.40Plenary Session 2
11.40-12.05ESDR 2021 Keynote Lecture: Valter Longo
12.10-13.10Concurrent Session 4: Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers
12.10-13.10Concurrent Session 5: Innate Immunity and Inflammation
12.10-13.10Concurrent Session 6: Genetics, Stem Cells, Skin Appendages and Tissue Regeneration

Bristol-Myers Squibb Symposium


Pfizer Symposium


UCB Symposium

14.45-16.00Poster Walks & Breakout for Concurrent Session discussions
16.00-16.15Honorary Membership Awards
16.15-17.15ESDR Annual General Meeting of Members
09.20-10.20Concurrent Session 7: Photobiology and Cell Biology
09.20-10.20Concurrent Session 8: Clinical Research and Epidemiology
10.25-11.30Clinical Saturday
11.40-12.10Breakout for Concurrent Session discussions
12.10-12.3050 Years ESDR Anniversary Lecture 5: Sara Brown
12.30-12.50ESPD Lecture: Christine Bodemer
12.50-13.40Plenary Session 3
13.40-14.00Poster Prizes and Closing Ceremony