A deep dive into chlormethine gel: from bench to patients

Amphitheatre B

Friday 20 September 2019, 08.30-09.30

Room: Amphitheatre B

Emmanuella Guenova, MD, PhD
Lead Cutaneous Lymphoma Program
University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Brian Poligone, MD, PhD
Medical Director
Rochester Skin Lymphoma Medical Group
Fairport, NY, USA


08.30-08.35 Opening and welcome

Emmanuella Guenova (Switzerland)

08.35-09.00 Chlormethine gel: exploring the mechanism of action

Emmanuella Guenova (Switzerland)

09.00-09.25  Dermatitis management and chlormethine gel: new key learning points

Brian Poligone (USA)

09.25-09.30 Summary and closing

Emmanuella Guenova (Switzerland) and Brian Poligone  (USA)

Sponsored Symposium