Martine Bagot

Martine Bagot

ESDR 2022 Clinical Saturday
Title: Identifying new therapeutic targets for cutaneous T-cell lymphomas
Date: Saturday 01 October 2022

Time: 10.00-11.30


I am responsible for research projects in the field of cutaneous lymphomas, with a multidisciplinary team and members of dermatology, hematology, immunology and pathology. I am leading a national reference network of cutaneous lymphoma centers with a national biobank. We also participate to European and international research projects in the field of cutaneous lymphomas.

Our group made major contributions in increasing knowledge in the pathophysiology of cutaneous lymphomas and developing new diagnostic and prognostic markers. We have identified new targets specifically expressed on the surface of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma cells and we have developed a new first-in-human monoclonal antibody specifically binding this receptor and representing a new targeted biotherapy for cutaneous T-cell lymphomas.